A spiralling green roof tops off a kindergarden in Vietnam

Farming kindergarten at grade
© Hiroki Oki via Designboom

It used to be that a roof was just a roof. Then designers started putting gardens on them and they started radically changing the way buildings are designed, as architects figured out how to make them accessible. Vo Trong Nghia Architects, known to TreeHugger for their wonderful house in Ho Chi Minh City, have designed this kindergarten as a giant spiral ramp.

From Designboom:

The project is envisioned as a model of sustainability set within the tropical climate, allowing the school’s young inhabitants to understand the importance of sustainable education and design....a fully accessible green roof drawn in a triple-ring-shape creates three courtyards enclosed by the ringed structure, providing safe and secure playgrounds for the kindergarten’s occupants. The different levels and gradients created by the building’s spiral form offer a series of distinct outdoor learning environments, where children are able to forge a close relationship with the natural world.

Lots more images at Designboom.

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A spiralling green roof tops off a kindergarden in Vietnam
Designboom shows another example of how green roofs are changing architecture.

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