Spacecraft: A Cabin that Embraces Nature

spacecraft cabin © Cerentha Harris

Cerentha Harris writes:
The name may lead you down the wrong path. This is not a space-age cabin all steel curves and high-tech materials, instead it's a beautiful 160 square foot structure made from locally-sourced timber and glass inspired by the 19th century Japanese house at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena and Malibu beach's ubiquitous timber lifeguard towers.

spacecraft cabin at night© Cerentha Harris

Designer/builder Patrick Lang, artist Tina Hulett, entrepreneur Kristopher Moller and craftsman Ryan Hattig, who together make up the WildFarm collaborative, are the driving force behind the cabin. “Spacecraft was built to answer the question we’ve been asking ourselves since we established WildFarm,” says Lang who started the collaborative with Hulett 20 years ago. ”How can humans live more intelligently within the beauty and bounty of the natural world? We think it’s by building habitats that are informed and influenced by natural surroundings.“ What is their goal? “It’s to increase the physical resources of wild land all the while creating picturesque vistas and places to work, relax and reside.”

spacecraft cabin© Cerentha Harris

The collaborative are hoping this gem will become a prototype for a simply constructed and easily mobile housing unit. “We’d like to see it follow a pre-fab model,” says Lang. “It would be great to see the cabin in backyards or on wild land all over the country. We are also planning a version that could be used as emergency shelter. We’d like to work with communities in need of affordable temporary or immediate housing.”

The cabin was perched on a hillside on WildFarm’s property in Latigo Canyon until last week when it was broken down and shipped to San Francisco for a show at Almond Hartzog gallery in San Francisco’s design district. The show opens on Thursday, October 6 and runs through to January 1. For more details check out Almond Hartzog’s site here.

spacecraft cabin© Cerentha Harris

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