In Soviet Russia, the plastic house occupies you

Plastic House rendering
via English Russia

Once upon a time, when the Soviet Union was an evil empire and the Monsanto Corporation wasn't, there was a glorious and inspiring Monsanto House of the Future, "a glimpse of carefree futuristic living inside a plastic-walled floating cruciform structure with picture phones, height-adjustable sinks, dishes washed by ultrasonic waves, and atomic food preservation."

Not to be upstaged, the USSR built their own all-plastic house in Leningrad. Gizmodo writes:

This experimental housing unit served as a test-bed for plastic-based construction materials. It was a single-flight walk-up studio with a combination kitchen-bathroom and small terrace. This all-plastic unit sat atop a 7-foot pedestal of reinforced framing and glass blocks which housed ventilation and heating equipment.

Patent drawingEugene Eu/Public Domain

The patent drawing shows a moulded sandwich panel insulated with foam and bolted together with an interesting covered connection for a smooth interior wall. The website English Russia claims that the walls got up to 14 centimeters thick (5-1/2 inches) and " According to the engineers making the house, the heat insulating properties of such plastic walls were equal to those of a two meter thick wall." They note that "It was a laboratory for three years, then it simply decayed and after it was partially destroyed by vandals, its remains were finally demolished."

It does look a bit like a giant TV set. More on Gizmodo

Back to Disneyland and the Monsanto House of the Future

In case you missed it the first time around, watch the wonderful vision of the future that is this video of the Monsanto House of the Future, where a young family is transported from the linup into the future, where they live in the house with all its plastic wonders. I still want to live there.

In Soviet Russia, the plastic house occupies you
Was it a test bed for plastic building technology or a response to the Monsanto House of the Future?

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