Smile Plastics Made From Cellphones, CDs and More


Way back in 2005 Petz and Leonora wrote about Plastic Fantastic! - Smile Plastics:

"A chair made from kids wellies, a table made from mobile phones, a sink made from CDs, bowls made from coffee cups and a guitar made from yoghurt pots! These are just some of the products people have been inspired to make from the recycled plastic sheeting produced by UK based Smile Plastics."

They noted that not all of the products will be to everyone's taste; it was loud and garish then and it remains so today.


But the loudness is part of the story:

"The recycled plastic boards combine a strong environmental message with an evocative and distinct aesthetic appeal, linked to the processing of plastics waste"

Colours change according to the season and the area where bottles come from, so no two sheets are exactly the same. Other products are made from yoghurt containers, mobile phones and even money. All guaranteed to make you smile. More at Smile Plastics

Found at Think: Material, launched at September's IIDEX /Neocon trade show . It is a collection of the latest "new and sustainable materials" from around the world, curated by materials consultant Jim Salazar.

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