Smart Energy Glass Turns On And Off, Generates Electricity


Liquid crystal switching windows have been around for a while, and just last week Mike wrote about how Energy-Saving Dynamically Tinted Glass Could Make Most Buildings More Efficient. Now Dutch entrepreneurs Casper van Oosten and Teun Wagenaar have taken switchable glass one step further: their Smart Energy Glass collects solar energy and generates its own power.

Smart Energy Glass from Peerplus on Vimeo.

The above is a promotional video with most of the content of the Peer+ website. There is no explanation of how these work, how much power they generate, how much they will cost; in the interview below, Casper van Oosten explains that it is an organic product designed on cradle to cradle principles, and that the light that is normally reflected and wasted is somehow converted to electricity. Not much more at Peer+

Kit Eaton at Fast Company is excited:

But before you think I'm leaping at this invention over-enthusiastically, let me explain why it's important. The reason is a simple one: Style.....these things look good. And if green tech is to achieve serious adoption by the public (and architects too,) then design really has to play into things at some point. This solution, much like those solar tiles, is a neat way of leveraging this.

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