Small, tall Portland home stacks for efficient use of space

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Whether it's a micro-community of tiny houses in DC or Graham Hill's fancy LifeEdited apartment, one of my favorite things about the movement toward smaller living is that it's not so much about living with less, but rather about designing our homes to optimize space.

That means there's no "right size", and no "right shape".

Take this 3 storey prefab house in Portland, Oregon. At 704 square feet, it's positively gargantuan compared to many tiny houses, but it still uses space efficiently to both minimize its footprint on the land, and create comfortable, enjoyable living spaces for its adults.

There are also some really neat ideas for small space living, like these nesting, two-way shelves that provide storage in two separate rooms without the need for doubling up wall space.


nesting shelves photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Living Room

nesting shelves photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

And then there's this integrated sink and graywater-flushing toilet that we've had our eye on for some time.

graywater toilet photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

All in all, this is a really interesting house that's well worth exploring. Kudos to owners Matt Kirkpatrick and Katherine Bouvee for creating so much livable space while preserving so much of their half-sized lot. And thanks to them for also reminding us of something crucially important, less is often more: by keeping the square footage down, they've enabled themselves to go for quality finishes and a few luxury indulgences too. Rainy Portland weather must feel so much less dreary after a soak in that gigantic Japanese tub.

Check out the full tour below.

Small, tall Portland home stacks for efficient use of space
Is this the first high rise tiny house? Whatever it is, it's really, really cool.

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