Small House In Czech Republic Recycled From Ruins of Barn

Venerice © Labor 13

Czech architects Labor13 call this house in Vernerice, Czech Republic "conceptual" because they say it is an experiment, but it is very real. Their ambitions:

  • The very lowest cost of construction;
  • Maximizing local materials and human resources;
  • An open plan "an absolute erasure of the border interior/exterior while keeping basic user comfort of the building"

Venerice© Labor 13

They built it in the footprint of a former barn, keeping pieces of the foundation to create a sort of house in a courtyard. Much of the wood was recycled from the barn.

The new buiding is protected on the north side by the original massive stone wall, which forms a sort of entrance lee of the object. The building itself opens comletely by the means of five gates into the area defined by the remaining circumferential walls of the former barn.

venerice front© Labor 13

The whole south facade of the house can be opened, so that it "is possible to spend time outside without losing the comfort of the interior."

interior© Labor 13

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