Skinny house puts a bathtub in the library

We love showing rooms that serve multiple functions, and we love libraries. We get excited about small skinny houses, so Para Project hits all kinds of buttons with their Haffenden House in Syracuse New York, with a wonderful sunken bathtub in the middle of an amazing library.

Haffenden house rear© Para Project

The house is squeezed into a tiny parking-space sized lot; the ground floor is parking (you can drive right through it), the second floor has the library/bathroom and although there is no photo of it, there appears to be a third floor bedroom with a curved floor. Very dramatic.

Haffenden house plans© Para Project

According to Popup City, "choice of material for the front façade is unusual: the architects chose a semi-transparent silicon layer which together with the large window in the back creates a space that is flooded with light."

Front facade© Para Project

More images at Para Project and Popup City

lixil in libraryLixil/Promo image

This is not the first time we have shown a bath in a library. Reading in the tub is always fun, I like the idea.

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