Simple Sliding Doors Create a Transformer Apartment

sliding doors photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Graham Hill's LifeEdited apartment has some fancy moving walls and an expandable dining table. (See Lloyd's tour of the LifeEdited apartment for the details.)

But small, elegant housing does not have to mean fancy hardware. Often the biggest and most important step is careful consideration of how the apartment will be used. Rui Miguel and Sonia Lopez apartment took its inspiration from Japanese homes, which are often built around the bathroom and use moving paper walls to create privacy when needed.

shower inside photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

The apartment also features a rather beautiful bathroom concept. Given the lack of natural light in the center, the architects put a hole through the ceiling and then created a planter which trails its vines down into the space around the shower, creating a sense of the outside coming in.

Shower looking down photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Much like this LEGO-style transformer apartment or these incredible moving walls, this is one more reminder that flexibility is at least as important as square footage.

Thanks again to Fair Companies for another great video.

Simple Sliding Doors Create a Transformer Apartment
Inspired by Japanese homes, this apartment uses very basic sliding doors to create multiple configurations.

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