Shipping containers make a wonderful booze can in Austin

container bar at night
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Shipping containers look easy, like building with LEGO. But it isn't; there are all kinds of issues that have to be dealt with. Bridget Dunlop has been working on the Container Bar in Austin, Texas for years; it was supposed to open in 2012. She told the Austin Business Journal:

"That’s been the longest project ever. The money’s been tough, the team quit, the city’s hard, the bank’s hard. Everything’s been hard because it’s never been done before,” Dunlap said at the time. “At this point I’m frustrated, but we’re going to get there.”

And now it's open, and Dunlop says to fans and “naysayers” about the space? “We did it, motherf#*kers!” It's pretty spectacular, too. This is container design at its best: they are colorful building blocks, they don't try to become big spaces by cutting them apart but frame and enclose spaces. It looks like great fun.

The interiors of what one wag called sipping containers are all different, and give new meaning to the term booze can.

More images at North Arrow Studio and designboom.

Shipping containers make a wonderful booze can in Austin
Or should they be sipping containers? It's playful and fun and took a very long time to build.

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