ShetkaStone Revisited


A wonderful byproduct of an increasing environmental awareness is that more information is reaching an ever expanding number of ears and eyes. And hopefully then impacting more hearts and minds. A consequence of this enthusiasm for spreading eco-knowledge is that many similarly focused media will trip over each other in delivering the good oil. Not that this matters. The widest audience that can be reached, the better for the planet as a whole. But one such story that caught our eye recently, and brought on a chuckle, was a product called ShetkaStone. Our compadres over at inhabitat picked it up and posted a piece, under the heading ‘new material’. It was subsequently run as a story by Transstudio. All the while Treehugger had a near identical post patiently sitting in our archives dated way back to 2 Dec 2004. 14 months ago. A timely reminder, that as Treehugger approaches the 5,000 post milestone, there are plenty of good news stories out there, and we’ll continue do our darndest to get them to you, in as timely manner as we can. And of course, we’ll continue to reference the sites of our esteemed brethren, for the other scoops they get to before us. The more the merrier. ~:^) ::Shetkastone

PS. Shetkastone is a material with many of the properties of wood, but made from recycled paper.