Sheep to Shear Themselves, Aided by a Mobile Phone?


It has long been said that Australia rode to market on the sheep's back, alluding to the fact that our primary industry has traditionally been stronger than any other economic sector. Apparently, with well over 100 million of the woolly herbivores, we have the worlds second largest population, so they certainly do command some attention. Though controversy, of late, over mulesing of sheep has made managers of the nations flock a little nervous. So they were probably happy to get some recent good news. Appears that progress has been made on a little biommicry that could have the sheep shearing themselves. According to an all too brief news story, researchers at the University of South Australia reckon sheep could be fitted with an implant that would release a bio-active substance, which would in turn "cause wool fibres to break simultaneously." And given that we have all gone mobile phone crazy, the latest idea is that farmers could call the flock's number to trigger the bio-active agent. If they can perfect the concept, it will give new meaning to the term text-tile. ::ABC Rural.