Shed of the Year Competition has some inspiring entries

Marcus Shields
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Who needs the Pritzker Prize for Architecture when you can enter the Shed of the Year competition. Sheds are a big deal in the UK, and there are hundreds to chose from, with special categories like eco, garden office, drinking and even Tardis. My favourite of the eco-sheds this year is Marcus Shield's bike shed in Camden Town. It has a gorgeous green roof:

The green roof utilises a water-cell reservoir to control run-off and retain moisture for the plants. My wife and I gathered the growing medium material from a local aggregate recycling yard, utilizing a mix of post-construction crushed brick / gravel and screened topsoil, with 100L of extremely aromatic green food waste provided by Islington Council.

The roof planting is a natural hessian matt, pre- planted with a mix of sedum, wildflower and spring bulbs to provide year round cover. Water filters through to a home-made corten water butt, with a capacity of up to 280L+. A tap allows the water to be re-used to irrigate the garden with a watering can and any overflow is re-used to irrigate the garden.

The cladding is interesting as well:

To create a feature of the front we used a brightly coloured impressionist style recycled plastic sheet, which is made from waste plastic yoghurt cartons. Large windows, roof lights and a glazed pivoting timber frame door provide an abundance of natural light. The windows and door are framed with Western Red Cedar, which similar to corten steel, requires no painting or varnishing. Another element helping to add depth and rhythm to the facade is the brise soleil timber screen used across the front also helping to reduce direct sunlight and to screen the contents.

Some of the garden office sheds are quite elaborate and have that architect-designed look about them like this one which Chris Crombie designed and built as "a fully functional heated and insulated space for both working and storage. it is a valuable and practical extension to my house."

A rare (and lovely) American entry, built as a working model of a larger cabin not yet built. It looks good in the snow too.

My favourite in the Tardis category, love that red Dalek. EXTERMINATE!

Pub sheds often win the popular vote and no wonder, this looks like a lot more fun than a home office.

There is a category called Unique sheds, but for the most part don't look that different from those in other categories. Many of them are allotment sheds, built to in allotment gardens; I am surprised that allotments don't get a whole category of their own. I rather like this one made mostly from doors; I once designed one like that for myself.

readershedreadershed/Screen capture

There are hundreds of them; you could spend all day looking (and might, it is slow loading sometimes) but vote for your favourite, early and often We Love Sheds.

Shed of the Year Competition has some inspiring entries
Vote for your favourite Tardis, Pub shed, home office or eco-shed.

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