Seventies Back-to-the-Land Pioneer Explores the Tiny House Movement

Tiny House whole earth photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From a 16-year-old's mortgage-free house to an electricity-free home designed to nurture inner peace, Fair Companies have been documenting some of the finest examples of the modern tiny house movement with their wonderful video.

But as Kirsten Dirksen releases her tiny house documentary, it is certainly worth noting that the tiny house idea is not new. In fact, like many aspects of the modern environmental movement, its modern guise can be traced back to the "maker culture" of the Whole Earth Catalog. And that whole scene can, in turn, trace its lineage back across thousands of years of human ingenuity and the search for shelter.

So it's fitting that Kirsten pays a visit to Lloyd Kahn, former shelter editor of the Whole Earth Catalog, and discusses what the new face of the movement means for our culture. It's also exciting to here that Kahn has released a new book titled Tiny Homes: Simpler Shelter to celebrate those who are living with less in the 21st Century.

Kahn is right to suggest that not all of us will live in these tiny homes. (Kahn's own abode is hardly a tumbleweed house.) But by giving options for those who do want to live with less, and creating a culture where what you own is less important than how you live, we may just find all of us living a little simpler, and a little better, as a result.

Seventies Back-to-the-Land Pioneer Explores the Tiny House Movement
A former shelter editor for the Whole Earth Catalog discusses the new wave of the tiny house movement.

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