Sensitile Terrazzo Tiles Integrate Fiber Optics and LEDs


With fiber optics and LEDs, lighting is becoming part of the fabric of our buildings. Sensitile isn't particularly green, but it is an interesting demonstration of where things are going. The fibers can be lit from any source, even solar.


Composed of a proprietary micro-concrete mix within which fiber- optic "light channels" are embedded, Sensitile Terrazzo blends the durability of concrete with the latest in optical technology. Terrazzo tiles contain acrylic fiber-optic channels embedded within concrete to transfer light from one point to another. As shadows move across Terrazzo's surface, the light channels flicker with a randomized, twinkling effect.

But such technology could also be used for wayfinding and emergency lighting.

They are rebuilding their website right now, but there is lots of PDF information at Sensitile.

Found at Think: Material, launched at September's IIDEX /Neocon trade show . It is a collection of the latest "new and sustainable materials" from around the world, curated by materials consultant Jim Salazar.

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