Secondary Packaging — The Silent Killer of the Environment


It's just stretch film- that thin plastic that they wrap around packages or packages of packages on pallets to hold them together, not much to it, one would think. Except according to Dennis Salazar,

The stretch film market - that nearly invisible product used to wrap pallets - is over 1.5 billion pounds annually. Stretch film is used for load retention and containment to get a product from one place to another. But after the product is received and the stretch wrap removed, it may well be re-palletized and then, of course, re-wrapped in more stretch film. If it sounds silly and wasteful, understand that scenario is probably played out tens of thousands of times each day between manufacturers, distribution centers and retailers. Guess where most of these 1.5 billion pounds wind up?

He is in the packaging business and wrote an eye-opener for Sustainable is Good.


We learned that there is a "Void industry"- (an industry of nothing?) that fills the space around products with the dreaded foam peanut.

If you are using foam peanuts, please stop it right away. Your people hate them, your customers hate them and there are other loose fill solutions. Just say no to foam peanuts, shells or any other shape of this obnoxious packaging product."

And while he likes recyclable corrugated, he hates the stupid ways we use it.

my biggest gripe — first in a long list - is the fact that so much of the corrugated we use is placed over other corrugated. The dreaded "master case" that holds the smaller, individual retail units we take home is, quite frequently, completely unnecessary!

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