Seattle now has its own floating sauna

Floating Sauna
© goCstudio

Seattle residents now have a new way to unwind. The Kickstarter-funded wa_sauna, with room for 6 people, will be floating around the city's waterways this summer.

Saunas are popular in Iceland, Japan, Scandinavia and other parts of the world. Now, Seattle gets to join in on the fun as Seattle-firm goCstudio has finished building the wa_sauna, a privately owned sauna currently floating in the city's Lake Union.

The 240-square-foot sweaty retreat was funded via Kickstarter in October 2014. The floating sauna was completed exactly a year later and taken on its maiden voyage shortly after. It's now fully operational, ready for summer.

The unique vessel can hold six people and is propelled by an electric trolling motor with three 12-volt batteries and heated by a wood burning stove. Thanks to 28 empty 55-gallon drums attached underneath, it floats seamlessly along the city's lakes.

wa sauna blueprint© goCstudio

The sauna structure is about 7 feet by 7 feet and it's sitting on a 8 feet by 16 feet deck — about the size of a standard trailer. It weighs approximately 4,500 pounds. The windows are made with clear acrylic panels and spruce wood was used to made the sauna's interior and benches. The exterior is all made out of marine-grade plywood, both cost-efficient and easy to fold for transportation.

You can easily exit the sauna via a door or side hatch and quickly cool off by jumping into the cold lake water.

goCstudio, an architecture and design studio in Seattle, is planning to open the sauna up for events this summer and invite Seattleites to try it out as it expands to other nearby waterways.

The vessel also comes equipped with a diving platform and a deck perfect for sunbathing.

Are you jealous yet? We sure are.

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