Roo Poo is "State of the Ark" from Creative Papers

This cherub-like wallaby may just be more industrious that he first appears. He might in fact, be a mobile papermaking factory for a company in Tasmania. Inspired by elephant poo paper (which we noted in our mega recycled paper Q&A;), the company has been using the efficient digestive systems of kangaroos and wallabies to help produce paper pulp (see pics). It comes out a blue/grey colour, and is blended (20%) with recycled cotton pulp to produce a much sort-after handmade paper. Creative Papers also use recycled cotton from denim jeans, also well as flax, mosses and native leaves from more exotic trees like Celery Top and Huon Pine. The company started as a work creation program, employing local people, and have since been exporting to the world. (At one point supply did not meet demand for the roo poo paper, so they put out an all-points-bulletin for people to donate bags of the scat!) And now for Sydney's famed Taronga zoo, they are indeed making a paper from their heffalump’s droppings. In recent announcements they will even be making a paper from beer, for a nearby brewery. Handmade, local, recycled, natural, attractive. All worthy TH qualities. ::Creative Papers.