Robots Are Coming For My Job and Yours

speak like an architectCoyote Productions/Screen capture

In this month's Wired Magazine, Kevin Kelly discusses the inevitability of most of our jobs being done by robots, predicting that in fact 7 out of 10 of us will have our own jobs replaced by computers and robots. (they even list a pile of jobs that are on their way out). We have discussed this in TreeHugger as well.

I was pretty sure my job was safe, that green architectural criticism was untouchable. Two decades ago there were some early paper-bound attempts at artificial architectural intelligence (HOK shows this great list from Maxwell Starkman) but now the computer makes us totally obsolete, with the Speak Like An Architect program from Coyote Productions. As Commander Pike says at the end of Star Trek, I am relieved.

Try it at Speak Like an Architect and here's how you can dress like an architect too.

Hat tip to Amanda Kolson Hurley

Robots Are Coming For My Job and Yours
Computers and robots really are taking over, and my job appears to be next.

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