Rick Fedrizzi Defends LEED, Attacks The Naysayers and Delivers Barn-Burner Defense of Green Building

Opening Plenary Teaser - Greenbuild 2012 from U.S. Green Building Council on Vimeo.

Fedrizzi starts at 26:40 and gets hot at 30:00

The US Green Building Council's LEED certification is under attack. There have always been whiners about LEED, but but lately the attacks have been far more serious, as the American Chemistry Council and the plastics and oil industries have joined the giant lumber industry in making greenwash alternatives to LEED and getting their poodles in Congress and state legislatures to dump LEED as the standard for green building.

USGBC CEO Rick Fedrizzi has a big challenge, and he is not sitting back and taking punches. He delivered a barn-burner of a speech comparing the green movement's challenges to that of past movements, from the vote for women to civil rights to gay rights, each of which there was significant push-back. He says they won because they were right and their detractors are wrong. He really gets rolling at about 30 minutes into the video. Here is part of a transcript, edited lightly by Healthy Building News. He seriously brings it on.

If we're going to take up the mantle of a movement that wants to change the world, we need to learn from the ones that already have. It's the reason they earned their place in the history books. It's the reason they changed - and are still changing - the world. They were Right... Absolutely RIGHT!

And their detractors were Wrong... DEAD Wrong!

That's exactly where WE are today, folks, and we've seen it recently in newspaper articles and the halls of Congress. And you know what? We too are right. And OUR detractors are wrong.

They're wrong when they say transparent third-party certification is not important; that LEED costs too much; that we should "TRUST THEM!"

They're wrong when they say renewable energy isn't a priority; that it doesn't make a difference; that it costs jobs and hurts the economy; that it's somehow "un-American."

They're wrong when they say toxins are a fact of life and that we shouldn't "fear monger" about their impacts on our kids in their schools, or our families in their homes.

They are just wrong.

And I'm pretty darned sure that we are right when we say that all of our children and teachers deserve school buildings that will keep them healthy, keep them safe, and help them thrive.

We're right when we design, build, and operate our buildings so that they reduce energy, keep costs down, and conserve our planet's resources.

We're right when we witness that green building is a powerful, world-changing force that can create millions of jobs here in the United States and lift people out of degradation and poverty around the world.

We. Are. Right!

[ Sections Deleted ]

We're up against powerful forces who want to accelerate mountaintop coal removal; fast track a Pipeline; or frack the Hell out of every square inch of green-space we have left. Forces who actually don't want government buildings or college campuses to save energy, save water, and save money - they just want to claim they do: "Trust me...its Green."

Another issue of major concern [is] the organizations that work feverishly to deny the market transparency and accountability. If you even suggest that we bring more information to the marketplace, these folks revolt, and will do anything to keep us in the dark.

If we knew then what we know now about ASBESTOS, would we have chosen to use it the way we did? Don't YOU want to know if there are toxic VOCs in your paint; flame retardants or formaldehyde in your furniture?

Seriously...don't you want to know if there are bio-accumulative toxins, persistent organic pollutants, or endocrine disruptors used anywhere in your house - things that could ultimately end up harming your children?

Of course you do, because information allows you to make better decisions. And better decisions from better information supports true innovation that leads to new and improved products that challenge the existing ones for market share.

And some enlightened, 21st century companies get this, even though their pre-historic special-interest trade associations don't.

These leadership companies are embracing health product declarations and green chemistry. They're sitting at the table with us instead of isolating themselves from us; showing us their records and making their case. If you claim to be the best... if you claim to be healthier... ...PROVE IT! You have a great PRODUCT?... Prove it.

Just like leadership, green building IS about transparency and accountability. We've seen the power and the influence brought by the "trust me" crowd. And we know, all too well, what they're capable of. And what is our response to these folks?

Simple: Bring-- it-- on!

We'll see your policy inertia, and raise you world-changing innovation and growth. Like the phone companies who pretended that cell phones were a fad, or newspapers who pretended the internet would go away - ignore us at your own peril.

[ Sections Deleted ]

Will this disturb the SPECIAL interest "hornets nest"? Absolutely.

We expect more misinformation campaigns in the halls of Congress; more hatchet jobs by "journalists" desperately seeking circulation instead of truth. And We say ... Bring. --It. -- On.

Because we are ready for it. All of it!! The critics. The cynics. The doubters. And yes...The scoundrels.

We're ready to make the case for green buildings and communities. When people doubt that we can improve health outcomes, we're going to show them the drawers of unused asthma inhalers in green schools.

[ Sections Deleted ]

We're ready for the stubborn, uninformed politicians who are funded by and pander to special interests. We're ready to break the stereotypes of sustainability and build bridges between business, government and NGO's. We're ready to challenge President Obama to do even more for green building in his next term.

Because our movement isn't about red states or blue states - it's about a future that puts our nation's balance sheet back in the black by putting green in every neighborhood.

We're ready to create millions of jobs and improve millions of lives.

We're ready for the future we've been talking about, the future we've been dreaming about, the future we've been building for nearly 20 years.

So, my friends, let me close with three simple words. Own these words. Make them YOUR mantra. Take them with you when you leave Greenbuild.


There is a lot more in the video, worth watching. Also read my mashup poisons made by the companies behind the campaign to kill LEED in What Are The Plastic People So Afraid Of That They Want To Kill LEED?

Rick Fedrizzi Defends LEED, Attacks The Naysayers and Delivers Barn-Burner Defense of Green Building
The CEO of the USGBC brings it on and fights back against the Plastic People their poodles in Congress

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