Richard Heinberg's Tiny Fibonacci Studio

Heinberg Tiny House photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From his views on the end of economic growth to his post-carbon memo to Occupy Wall Street, Richard Heinberg is known as an accomplished researcher, wordsmith and activist who has done more than most to raise awareness about resource depletion and the limits of our current economic paradigm.

But who knew that he also dabbles in green building?

Here Kirsten Dirksen of Fair Companies—whose videos on everything from a teen's mortgage-free tiny house to an Ewok Village in Oregon have proved wildly popular on TreeHugger—takes us on a visit to Heinberg's home, where he built a tiny backyard studio as an experiment in sustainable construction.

heinberg tiny house photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Besides being a wonderfully simple, useful structure, the studio gives a nod to the Fibonacci spiral and the "sacred geometry" that is seen throughout the natural world. As Heinberg explains it, "there's a harmony in nature and we wanted to symbolically represent that in the design of our little house".

Richard Heinberg's Tiny Fibonacci Studio
Author, activist and post-carbon rabble rouser Richard Heinberg is also a dabbler in green building. Take a tour of his tiny hand-built backyard studio.

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