The restaurant at the end of the cable car is a prefab wooden wonder

restaurant on mountain
© Herzog & De Meuron via Designboom

Swiss architects Herzog & De Meuron take big wood to new heights with this prefabbed engineered wood restaurant built on top of the Chäserugg at 7420 feet. It's built right around the cable car that's been there since 1972. It's like a giant set of glulam Lincoln Logs; the architects write:

The new station Is constructed in solid wood on a concrete foundation. It was prefabricated by local craftspeople in the valley and assembled on top of the mountain in the course of a summer. The interior was completed the following winter. We decided to use wood because we wanted to echo local tradition. Equally important was a thoughtful exploitation of resources: except for the crane, which was transported by helicopter, all of the parts required for the building were transported by cable car in the course of its regular runs. The excavated earth was used to make the concrete and also as an ingredient of the gravel surfacing.

Designboom writes that it was " designed to reduce the area’s commercial dependance on weather, increase business during summer months, and broaden options for tourists throughout the already profitable winter." The construction took 1200 trips, carrying 3,600 tons of material. "The building stands as a signal of the region’s intent to develop a clean, natural and culture-based tourism."

Michael Green, eat your heart out. You may have the tallest engineered wood building, but Herzog & De Meuron have the highest.

The restaurant at the end of the cable car is a prefab wooden wonder
Herzog & De Meuron do big wood at the top of a Swiss mountain

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