Repreve —100% Recycled Yarn


Repreve by Unifi is a 100% recycled polyester yarn made from both post-consumer and post-industrial waste. It can be dyed at the spun fibre stage. It’s uses range from home furnishings through to automotive upholstery. Two companies who have elected to run with it are Malden, who we noted earlier are doing a big launch on recycled fleece and bodywear fabrics and Consoltex. The later makes a line of cloth also for the outdoor industry that goes by the name of Earthwhile (cute), that seems like it also gets blended with organic cotton. Expect to see garments made of such materials popping up on retail hangers next year. Unifi also offer Satura, a dyeing process that reportedly saves 18 gallons of water per pound of yarn produced. They reclaim water & energy (which are recycled repeatedly) from condensation and dyebaths, which helps heat the plant and conserve water. ::Unifi, via Tech Exchange.