Rematerialise — Database for Eco-Smart Materials.


Darn it! Just when we thought we'd found something really useful, i.e. a current database for eco-materials, we then discover it hasn't been updated since 2002! This article was going to be all about how great it is to have a website keeping up to date with all the new eco-materials out there, now it's about how sad it is that something like that exists, but is no longer being worked on. All is not lost, however, the important thing is that the Rematerialise website is still accessible and all the hard work that was done up to 2002 is still available on-line: Rematerialise is a database of eco-smart materials created by the Design Department at Kingston University, London. You can search materials by type (glass, metal, rubber, etc.), process (cast, woven, etc.), character (bendy, squashy, etc.) or application (board, textiles, tiles, etc.). Information such as features, eco friendliness, photos and small videos of the materials pop up as well as the contact details of the material providers such as Smile Plastics or Interface. We're not sure why work on this project was halted, whether it ran out of funding or if in fact it is continuing under another name, but the website is still an extremely useful resource for designers. There are lots of materials being developed as sustainable alternatives to "resource hungry materials", but for some reason there are very few collective information points. Rematerialise is one of the few, so we hope very much that the folk at Kingston University might get it going again. ::Rematerialise
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