Recycling Cardboard through Adaptive Design


Adaptive design involves rethinking and redesigning everyday objects -- furniture, bookshelves, toys -- for use by people with special needs. Often, these products cost a fortune, but the people behind New York's Adaptive Design Association have discovered a material that's sturdy, adaptable, affordable, and even eco-friendly -- used cardboard. The Association holds regular classes on "Basic Cardboard Carpentry" at its Upper West Side community-based workshop in which it trains people to turn used boxes into functional items customized for their users. According to Ray at popgadget,

There's enough time in one class to build something you can take home and use. People in the workshop I attended made: a book/ laptop stand for working in bed, a work-out balance board and a physical therapy step stand. I ended up making a small staircase for my friend's diabetic cat with a cranky back, so he can get into bed.
The Basic I course will be held this Wednesday (the 27th), and again on October 25; part II will meet on October 11, and on November 8. ::Adaptive Design Association, Inc. via popgadget