Recycled Shipping Containers as Low Impact, Temporary Shelter for Rangers in the Andes (Photos)

Every (southern hemisphere) summer season, the Aconcagua Park in the Andes mountain range in Argentina receives more than seven thousand visitors from all over the world. Some eager to try themselves at reaching the top of the mighty Aconcagua mountain (with 22841 ft, the highest in the Americas), others to simply stroll around the peaks and enjoy the natural scenery.

With the raise in the number of tourists, the park also needs to increase the help, and so they bring more rangers to the area who need accommodation for the season.

Four hours away from the largest city and inside of a conservation, undeveloped area, the creation of more room needs to be low impact, easy to build and leave no trace when the summer ends. So the park turns to recycled shipping containers.

Now of course we've seen dozens of containers used everywhere for everything, but as Lloyd as pointed out, they don't always make sense. In this case, however, they seem to be the perfect alternative to moving tons of materials and labor to create a structure that's only supposed to be ephemeral.

Visiting the park a few days ago, I could see the rangers themselves placing the containers next to an existing shelter in a few hours, leaving them ready for moving. They're equipped with kitchen and toilet, and provided with electricity with the neighboring solar panels.

When the summer ends, they will be removed, leaving no construction trace. Hopefully the water and waste management is as clean as the placement of the structure.

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Recycled Shipping Containers as Low Impact, Temporary Shelter for Rangers in the Andes (Photos)
As the summer season brings more tourists to the area, the Aconcagua Park expands with temporary, recycled structures.

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