Recycled Shipping Container 'Glamping' at Beach Resort in Buenos Aires

Alterra is a so-called ‘glamping’ which offers rooms in refurbished shipping containers in the woods of Pinamar, an upscale beach resort 350 kilometers south-east from Buenos Aires.

They say it’s the second luxury camping in the country after Adventure Domes in Patagonia, although this one resembles more a hostel or a hotel.

Some particular features about Alterra are that the containers are placed next to a house built by local star-architect Clorindo Testa and that it aims at artist types.

The space is located in a 32,000 sq. feet lot which used to house an art gallery. After moving the gallery to the first floor, the owners turned some of the rooms into ateliers and brought in the containers.

While the look of the recycled spaces is little compared to some amazing retail stores we’ve seen everywhere from Zurich to Alicante, the added value is their surroundings: Pinamar is one of few beach resorts with dense pine woods in the coast of Buenos Aires, and the glamping is placed in-between the green.

Fair to note is also that the containers were isolated with discarded materials, use energy efficient lightning and appliances, and were placed without cutting down any trees.

While January is the month you can only enjoy crowded beaches and endless lines to get a meal in the beach area, Alterra seems like an interesting alternative for upscale travelers to get outside the city at other times of the year. Prices to spend the night at the recycled spaces start at 250 US dollars.

Recycled Shipping Container 'Glamping' at Beach Resort in Buenos Aires
An art gallery is turned into an upscale accommodation surrounded by pine woods.

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