Recycled Rubber Flooring by ECOsurfaces

Rubber flooring is great — it's resilient and you don't slip on it. ECOsurfaces makes recycled rubber flooring out of 100% recycled car tires and truck retreads. The flecks are made of post-industrial recycled EPDM (an organic synthetic "elastomer" in case you were wondering). The two materials are then bound with a water-based polymer to create rubber flooring in many colors. The rubber flooring comes in rolls or tiles that can be cut and customized. The company has green manufacturing processes in place: scrap is reused to eliminate waste, minimal water is used, and they do not "heat" their product so they have no smokestacks. The flooring does some emit some VOCs but they are minimal (see their FAQ), and it does not contain PVC or formaldehyde. :: ECOsurfaces [by Justin Thomas]