Striking Chicken Coops Built From Reclaimed Wood Come With Wheels

If you'd like to get in on the growing trend of backyard chicken keeping, but don't feel like building your own coop, it's worth taking a look at John Wright's Modern Coop. The striking, elegant design is made from post consumer reclaimed wood.

For an extra $170, you can get the model with wheels so you can move the coop every few weeks to avoid destroying one spot on your lawn. In the best pun I've come across in a good while, the mobile version is called the "sport coupe." The roof is made of stainless steel or translucent fiberglass, there is also a green roof version pictured on the web site.

Wright, who built the first coop for his wife, collects the cedar from a fence contractor. He says:

I eventually built a very strong coop that was basically bear proof, but was a bit over built. The current design is an evolution of the design process distilled down to a form that is fun, practical, as well as fairly advanced.

Wright sells the built coop for $790, you can also buy the plans for $125.

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