Reclaimed Steel Nails by Maze

Maze is a mill in Illinois that has really nailed down the art of recycling. First off, they make nails exclusively out of re-melted steel (which comes from scrapped cars frames, radiators and I-beams for example). Any scrap steel that they generate while making nails heads right back to the steel mills for re-melting. Many nail manufacturers, including Maze, "pickle" their steel in an acid bath prior to making it into nails.Maze has a self-contained Acid Recovery Unit, which converts the spent acids to a usable substances that can be sold to other companies. The "ferrous sulfate" which this equipment extracts, for example, is used in fertilizers, pharmaceuticals and even in err...snack foods. They also use recycled cardboard to package their nails and recycled paper for their price lists and other literature. :: Maze Nails