Reclaimed Fences Become a Beautiful, Stealthy Shedworking Studio

Shedworking Office photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From my own experiences building a recycled shed/office to Lloyd's reflections on shed working, we are big fans of low impact home offices and studios here at TreeHugger. This latest example is particularly charming.

Created by Jay Nelson—the same guy who built the awesome electric bike RV we featured last week—this studio was constructed largely from reclaimed materials including old redwood fences. It sits opposite an office built by Nelson for his friends.

shedworking office 2 photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Besides all the practical advice on how to source reclaimed materials that are actually usable, what's so cool about this example is the care that was put in to the orientation of the structure so that it reduces its visual impact from the office that overlooks it. Very neat, very clever, and just the kind of careful, conscious design that Fair Companies are so good at highlighting.

shedworking office 3 photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From an ewok village in Oregon to a stunning luxury home in a reclaimed stable, it's not just the structures that make these videos special, it's the makers' knack of teasing out the thinking behind the design.

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Reclaimed Fences Become a Beautiful, Stealthy Shedworking Studio
An artist creates a beautiful studio from reclaimed redwood fences.

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