Quote of the Day: Weil Arets on the Future of Architecture

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According to Crains, students at the Illinois Institute of Technology wear T-shirts with WWMD? for What would Mies Do? Referring to Mies Van Der Roe. Arets has a different view, and says in an interview:

We should not copy. We should try to understand the time we're living in and how we can make use of the latest technological possibilities so that architecture continues to move forward. We should build for generations to come. Architecture is not something fashionable. It has duration.

Further in the interview, he talks about the Starchitecture of the last decade, and about sustainability:

“What we saw (during the boom) was that people first made a shape and then said, 'What can we do with it?' ” he said. “That worries me. There should always be a relationship between form, concept, programmatic forces and sustainability. Form should not be autonomous. It should not be a fashionable thing.

“Architecture in the next few years will be much more of an interdisciplinary discipline,” he continued. “A city is not only about this or that building. It's a conglomerate, a total ensemble. As architects, we have to (be concerned with) the public condition, the public realm. The world is becoming one big metropolis with a lot of neighborhoods.

That attitude should shake things up a bit at IIT.

Quote of the Day: Weil Arets on the Future of Architecture
As the Dutch architect takes over as dean of the Illinois Institute of Technology, he looks at how the profession is changing

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