Quote of the Day: Don't let green standards wither

trojan horse
Public Domain Trojan Horse

TreeHugger has covered the plot by the plastics industry to sneak a Trojan Horse into the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act. These words are part of an ongoing attempt by the plastic and lumber industries to gut LEED, the biggest green building certification system.

Mike McNally, President of Skanska USA, a branch of the huge international engineering and building consortium, comes out against it in the Washington Post:

A limited number of chemical companies — principally in the booming plastics business — have been hiding behind the American High Performance Buildings Coalition and trying, unsuccessfully, to gut progressive green chemistry provisions of a proposed update to the green standards called LEED v4. The latest version is currently being considered by the building council’s nearly 13,000 members through its transparent public comment and balloting process.

Opponents are now trying to hold a popular energy bill hostage by proposing language that would effectively ban the use of LEED by the federal government unless the update is changed to remove the offending chemistry provisions. Let’s be clear: What the chemical industry and its cronies want is not a new standard that will improve energy efficiency and green building programs. What they want is a standard they can manipulate and weaken. They are putting their bottom lines first and social responsibility second.

Bravo Mike. Read it all in the Washington Post.

Quote of the Day: Don't let green standards wither
Commentary in the Washington Post by President of Skanska USA goes after the plastic people and their attack on LEED

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