PV-TV Exterior Building Panels

Developed last year by the Tokyo-based MSK Corporation in conjunction with chemical company Kaneka and Japanese architecture firm Taiyo Industries, PV-TV is an amorphous silicon technology that can act as glazing, a solar panel, and even a video display screen for building exteriors PV-TV can allow enough light in on cloudy days and still protect against solar gain and UV rays. At the same time, it can also provide thermal insulation.

As a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, PV-TV can generate electricity at an above-average level of efficiency. But weirdest of all, it can also function as an internal and external "television" (TV) screen—i.e., a giant billboard. (Get it—PV-TV?)

PV-TV has yet to gain popularity outside of Japan, mainly due to its high price, but the technology does seem to have the capacity to make the world that much more Treehugger. $45/square foot ::Metropolis