Public Toilet Enclosure Built Out of Laser Cut Aluminum Strips

Gramazio & Kohler are at it again; after wowing us with their robotic bricklaying, and helicopter bees, they are now working with laser cut metal strips and covering a public toilet with a digitally designed skin. They are reinventing the way architecture is done:

Our projects combine the physis of built architecture with digital logics. Therefore, we do not design architecture solely by drawing, but conceive spatial relationships and contextual behaviour through programming. In doing so, we use the potentials of the computer and of digital fabrication complementary to traditional design, construction and building methods.

They tell Archdaily:

The public toilet in the city park of Uster has a complex facade of 295 folded aluminumstrips. The depth of the folding and the slightly different colors of each strip generate a shimmering facade that changes depending on sun angle and the observers’ perspective.

Each strip is lasercut and handfolded. The strips are clipped and bolted onto 18 lasercut aluminum sheets that are mounted to the facade of the prefab module “City”

Lots more images in Archdaily.

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