A humorous look at the Tiny House movement; The Onion looks at driving

Here It Is (The Small House Portlandia Video) from Dawn Jones on Vimeo.

Wow! It's so.... sustainable!

Really, you don't need TreeHugger when you've got The Onion and auteurs like Dawn Jones of Hearts + Sparks Productions who produces this great spoof on the Tiny House Movement that I thought was straight out of Portlandia.

Found by Kaid Benfield at NRDC Switchboard , it shows what is perhaps the greenest home we have ever shown on TreeHugger: small, built by completely by hand from recycled materials, insulated with straw and blown-in deconstructed sweaters. Too bad it doesn't have a solar panel on top.

Then there is the Onion this week, looking at a new study in Report: It Pretty Incredible That Americans Entrusted With Driving Cars

Citing that a majority of Americans are irresponsible, easily distracted people who have little regard for other human beings, a new Department of Transportation report revealed Wednesday that it’s “actually kind of crazy” that U.S. citizens are allowed to drive automobiles. “Americans make millions of mind-boggling, idiotic mistakes every day, and when taking into consideration the sheer amount of lives that could be lost due to just the slightest human error while driving, it’s actually pretty goddamn shocking that we let citizens operate 4,000-pound machines capable of going 200 mph.”

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A humorous look at the Tiny House movement; The Onion looks at driving
It's the greenest house we have ever shown on TreeHugger!

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