Pop-up restaurant to be built on frozen Winnipeg river this winter

Raw Almond 2015 from river
© Raw Almond

It's been said that there are two seasons in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Mosquitoes and winter. However Winnipeggers certainly know how to enjoy it, and have turned those rivers into winter wonderlands. We have covered the warming hut competition for years, (see related links below) but this year there is a new competition and a new winner, British firm OS31, for the design of a pop-up restaurant that will open on the ice in January, near where the Assiniboine and Red Rivers meet.

It's the third year that RAW:almond has opened, and has been completely sold out each time at $130 per ticket; previous incarnations were designed by Raw Gallery Director Joe Kalturnyk , but this is the first time a competition was held. The winner OS31 appears to be a new firm; there is nothing on their website and their twitter feed is pretty sparse, simply saying "We design lightweight and adaptable things."

According to Dezeen, they are a studio specialising in lightweight, flexible architecture, with studio founder Tony Broomhead telling Dezeen:

raw plan© OS31

The plan is made up of two clashing geometries. The design creates an expressive frame that floats across the ice like a frozen jetty, whilst providing a dining experience that is clear from structure," he said. "The exterior and interior are expressed as separate forms, one enclosed inside the other.

The building is made of metal scaffolding, an allusion to the nearby bridge. There is a heritage of British architects working in scaffolding and temporary structures going back to Archigram and the rock sets of Fisher Park; the stuff is light, flexible and quick to erect, perfect for this kind of use. Inside, the walls will be white and "sculptural like drifts of snow."

Time to dig out the skates. More at Raw Almond

Pop-up restaurant to be built on frozen Winnipeg river this winter
It's cold in the 'Peg, but the art and design culture scene is hot.

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