Pop-Up Housing Competition Designs Housing for the Homeless

HAWSE (Homes through Apprenticeships With Skills for Employment.)

Here's the winner of an interesting and important competition that challenged architects to design housing for the homeless for under £20,000 ($31,700) per unit. Whew, that is a challenge.

Organized by Building Trust International, the HOME competition attracted 450 proposals from over 50 cities. Architects and designers from 20 different countries are thinking about the same difficult issues.

The winner was this design by Levitt Bernstein, slotted into abandoned garage spaces. The 23 sq. m. one room unit could be built for about £13,000 ($20,100). Each unit contains a sleeping area, washroom and kitchen facilities. The project would be built through an apprenticeship scheme with the components manufactured off-site and assembled in situ so it's quickly put-together and easily recycled as well.

Honourable mention to 360 Architects for this home inserted into a drainpipe. It can be expanded by adding more pipe components. The price is kept low because there is no need for a foundation, wall and underflooring. The exterior is strong and provides good insulation against the elements.

There is something magical about the re-use of these train carriages. Designed by Groundwork HK, the trains "become homes and allow residents to continue life's journey (literally) across China from Hong Kong".

This proposal from students at the National Technical University of Athens pops a lightweight structure on vacant roof tops. It is targeted at the elderly with an open plan, lots of fresh air and great views.

Urban Home Indy designed this in-fill house to be plunked on back alleys and vacant properties. As they explain: "The alley becomes a new address, not defined by the oversized scale of the auto-centric city but instead one that works with the scale of the pedestrian, the human scale." As with most of the projects, it is constructed off-site. The outside is made out of a coloured rubber roofing membrane which is weather resistant and durable.

See more inventive projects that got Honourable Mentions on the HOME competition's website.

Pop-Up Housing Competition Designs Housing for the Homeless
Some innovative ideas for providing good low-cost housing for the homeless.

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