PODhouses Are Perfect For Swiss Hotel and Permanent Camping

Up in Collingwood, Ontario, where I snowboard in winter, a lot of the ski clubs have tiny little chalets that were built in the fifties and sixties. The plan was that you basically skied until you were exhausted and then slept. Then chalets grew into houses, indistinguishable from a city home.

These PODhouses are sort of a throwback, a small, shedlike structure, surprisingly modelled after a hut in southern India, although to me they appear to be modelled after some of the wonderful hyperbolic paraboloid structures that architects and engineers played with 50 years ago.

Three have been built at a campground in Switzerland. There are no facilities in the PODhouses, but there is a shared café. The google translation indicates that there are "Separate sex washing facilities" plus showers with hot water, I suppose for the rest of your body.

The units are built by Robust Outdoor Brands, who say that "The rugged, durable construction is delivered fully assembled can be used immediately. [complete with] Heating, LED lighting, electricity or a solar ventilation"

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PODhouses Are Perfect For Swiss Hotel and Permanent Camping
Remember snow? It still falls in Switzerland. You can stay in a lovely little PODhouse at Camping Flims

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