Planet Reuse: A Dating Service For Used Materials

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There are some things that the Internet is very good at, including helping put people and people or things and things together. Nathan Benjamin runs a dating service for materials, putting people together with the used materials they need. "PlanetReuse makes using reclaimed building materials effortless, expertly matching materials with designers, builders and owners to save projects money, serve LEED efforts and sustain the planet."

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The site has many tools to explain how reused materials can be used, in both residential and commercial jobs. As an education tool it is terrific.

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I am not as convinced of its practicality, compared to say, a habitat for humanity store; this pile of knotty pine wall panelling is in Kansas City MO, on a site with listings from San Francisco to New York. Moving it is expensive, which is why reuse is usually a pretty local phenomenon.


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However they also do consulting. At the Omega Institute for Sustainable Living

PlanetReuse identified key areas for the use of reclaimed materials. They worked with five demolition and reclamation contractors (three not-for-profits and two for profit) to procure and test the materials, sourcing close to the project to reduce fuel consumption and saving the project time and money.

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