Paris' Maison-Stairwell offers tiny home living, inside a ladder

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There's a reason why Lloyd so often posts about "stair of the week." In a rapidly urbanizing world, where space is at a premium, figuring out how to live well in small spaces often means learning how to stack.

Like this small, tall Portland home, Alban Diner's tiny Parisian apartment—dubbed Maison-Stairwell—takes vertical living to extremes.

The entire apartment is only 269 square feet, but working with architects Marc Sirvin and Clémence Eliard of Agence SML, Diner was able to build in four unique levels/rooms including a bathroom, kitchen/living room, home-office and "bedroom" (the latter is really just a sleeping loft).

Among the neat tricks worthy of note are the use of thin metal stairs and transparent flooring surfaces to let natural light down from the skylight, as well as the classic alternating tread stairs to save on space.

As with most of Fair Companies' videos of urban apartments, I don't think anyone would argue that Diner's set up is ideal if you were starting from scratch. (I suspect I'd be overwhelmed by claustrophobia and vertigo at the same time!) But as property prices and rents skyrocket in the world's great cities, a large number of city dwellers find themselves having to get mightily creative in reconfiguring some pretty unusual spaces.

Paris' Maison-Stairwell offers tiny home living, inside a ladder
Another innovative apartment reminds is that to live well in the city, sometimes you have to look up.

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