Palmwood Goes Architectural


We mentioned Pacific Green's Palmwood furniture ages ago. Originally conceived by an Australian designer, the lounges, chairs and beds are still available, such as table/vanity shown on the left. But we recently noted that, like the Durapalm that Lloyd updated you on last month, Palmwood has also entered the architectural realm.

They suggest their material sourced from former copra coconut plantations, from Fiji, we suspect, makes for a very stalwart exotic rainforest timber substitute. Said to have a hardness equivalent to Ebony and Jarrah hardwoods they note that its strength is derived from the ingrained silica, and that it is free of knots. It is described as being waterproof and needing no chemical coatings. Though elsewhere they mention their own impregnation treatment, which makes it "impervious to white ants and other wood-boring insects", without detailing how this is achieved.

On offer, architecturally, are structural framework timbers of up to three metres (~10 ft) length that are, in their words, "gunbarrel-straight." Plus they can do cladding and lining, flooring and decking as well as screens. Elements of which are used on the house in London seen top right. ::Pacific Green International

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