Painted Earth Sell Oikos Solvent-Free Paint


Painted Earth is a small business located in the idyllic realm of Byron Bay, on Australia's east coast. They sell "a large range of non-toxic, environmentally responsible house paints and wood finishes." In a refreshing change their marketing seems very open and honest. We tender exhibit A: "Natural paints and finishes are on the whole more environmentally friendly than conventional synthetic ones; whilst conventional synthetic ones are generally more durable and a little cheaper." And while their site is still 'under construction', with many dead links, the Interior Paint section gives a good idea of the transparent information they are providing customers. One of the brands on offer is Oikos, an Italian made solvent-free range of decorative acrylic paint, which Painted Earth reckon has an extremely high coverage rate of up to 30 sq.m/L, apparently twice that of regular paints, "because the 20 - 40% water content is added after you receive the paint." (I am glad we aren't shipping excess water in paint tins all the way from Italy.) Oikos also have high standards of environment protection at their manufacturing plant, and well as supporting community programs for the disadvantaged and for heritage conservation. ::Painted Earth.


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