Own Your Own Mirrored Treehouse

When I first wrote about Tham & Videgård's glass treehouse it got 911 comments and a couple of million pageviews, so many that TreeHugger completely crashed. Once built, it turned out to be truly a thing of beauty. Now you can own your own Mirrorcube; the TreeHotel people have put it up for sale as a prefab.

Mirrorcube comes as a turnkey solution. Treehotel handles construction, transport and installation at your desired destination. All to make your Mirrorcube experience as comfortable as possible. All you need to do is select your favourite spot.Your Mirrorcube is delivered together with the custom designed fittings. This exclusive accommodation is ready for use as soon as the installation is completed.

It is a clever prefabrication technique; it is made in two pieces that fit around the tree.

Before mounting Mirrorcube in a living tree, thorough checks are made to ensure the trees carrying capacity and lifespan. The structure is pre-fabricated in two modules that are joined together at the time of mounting. Roof, floors and walls are hermetically enclosed elements to avoid condensation. The base is a lightweight structure from aluminium. Exterior walls are clad with reflective glass.

No mention of the price, but I will update this post when I find out. Own your own mirrorcube from TreeHotel

Own Your Own Mirrored Treehouse
The iconic glass box that broke TreeHugger is now for sale as a prefab. I want one, if only I had a tree.

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