Original "Tumbleweed" Tiny House For Sale: Take a Tour (Video)

tumbleweed tiny house photorelaxshacksDOTcom/Video screen capture

I've posted a video of Deek Diedriksen's tiny-houses-as-punk-rock philosophy before, but here we get to see Deek—somewhat of a legend in the tiny house world apparently—exploring another legendary teeny tiny dwelling.

In fact the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was featured on TreeHugger way back in 2005, and this house—built by Jay Schafer—is the dwelling that started it all. And it is/was apparently for sale on Tiny House Listings.com, although the fact I have failed to find the listing suggests it may already have sold.

Either way, this is a good video tour of how a tiny house is put together. If the videos of life inside a 7'x12' tiny house or an off-grid tiny home built for $2500 whet your appetite, rather than scare you away, then head on over to Tiny House Listings to find out what is currently available.

Original "Tumbleweed" Tiny House For Sale: Take a Tour (Video)
Tumbleweed Tiy Houses are legendary. Now the original house is up for sale, and you can take a tour.

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