Organic skyscraper is built out of garbage generated by occupants

Organic tower sequence
© Chartier Corbassons architectes

In Mike Judge's classic documentary Idiocracy, cities were full of giant towers made of garbage. Now life imitates art as Chartier-Corbasson Architectes propose a tower for London that grows as needed with its walls built from the garbage generated by its occupants and by construction sites in the neighborhood. It got special mention in the SuperSkyscrapers design competition.

tall section of building© Chartier Corbassons architectes

The architects describe it as a "self-generating" structure that expands as needed. Thomas Corbasson tells Dezeen:

At present in Europe a lot of skyscrapers are stopped because of a lack of investors. The amount of construction is so huge that it is very difficult to find the money. With our proposal, you can divide the basic investment by two or three.

detail scaffolding© Chartier Corbassons architectes

The structure is built out of short tubular elements, so no crane is needed. It is modelled on the scaffolding that one sees on the exterior of buildings in Asia.

section detail organic tower© Chartier Corbassons architectes

Reconditioning plants would be positioned at the top of the building to transform the waste from the offices into construction materials used to extend the structure upwards in a constant self-generating process. Lifts running through the core would transport waste from the offices to the reconditioning centre, and on to the new level under construction.

power pipes © Chartier Corbassons architectes

Little wind turbines inside the scaffolding power the building.

idiocracy towersIdiocracy garbage towers/Screen capture

Of course silly little turbines will not work, architects shouldn't be promoting the use of things like bottled water just so they have a supply of building materials, building is disruptive and nobody wants to spend years living under a construction site, and the towers of Idiocracy are probably more likely to happen. However, it was for an ideas competition and is much more than a pile of garbage.

Organic skyscraper is built out of garbage generated by occupants
Chartier-Corbasson Architectes put waste to work in a tower that grows as needed.

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