Orange Peel Plastic

We once painted a office with plant based paints. The smell was like being in the midst of an orange orchard. Now it seems that it might be possible in the near future to have the plastic office gizmos made from oranges as well. The boffins at Cornell Uni have been playing with Limonene. Comprising 95% of the oil in an orange’s peel, Limonene oxide can be combined with carbon dioxide to make a new polymer. Pony-tailed marketing types haven’t got to it yet, so it goes by the unpretentious moniker of ‘polylimonene carbonate’. Seems it has similar properties to polystyrene (no. 6, in case you were wondering), which is often used for disposable food and drink containers. What can they do with lemons and limes, we wonder? ::Cornell University [by WM]