Ontera EarthPlus Carpet - Once More, With Feeling


We go on and on about buying local food. As if the story ended there. Tried to buy a local iPod, or a local Prius? Or a local green carpet? In a globalised market, it all depends on where you live. To Ontera’s knowledge they are the only Australian carpet manufacturer who offer a local product that supports ‘product renewal and reuse.’ Basically their EarthPlus programme collects, reinvigorates used carpets and puts them back in to marketplace with a seven year warranty. (Similar processes do exist in North America.) Rescued carpets are cleaned, their tuft restored and a new pattern dyed in. EarthPlus carpet cost two thirds that of new carpet, and they suggest there is a 76% reduction in resource consumption, compared to a virginal carpet. For every 1,000m2 of carpet refurbished through this process five tonnes of ‘waste’ is saved from landfill. Over 20,000 m2 of used carpet has so far been salvaged. Although strictly speaking EarthPlus is reuse, it seems they are entitled to classify the range as 100% post-consumer recycled content. It’s been specified for high profile commercial fit-outs. Local ones that is.::Ontera.