Old Garage Becomes Stunning, Tiny House (Video)

bordeaux tiny house garage photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Lloyd has written before about transformer apartments as a clever means to get more living out of less space. This Bordeaux apartment created from an old, abandoned garage uses many of the same tricks.

By allowing a number of different living "configurations", the architects have created the possibility of using one space for many different functions, and many different moods.

The video itself was created by Fair Companies, the same folks who brought us footage of an abandoned ghost town turned eco-village and a 16-year-old who built a tiny house for a mortgage free future.

While the subject matter of Fair Companies' videos may be diverse, there's a common thread that runs through them. They find people who look at a problem—whether it's a lack of monetary resources, or a lack of (affordable) physical space—and take that as inspiration to do things a little differently.

Often the results are spectacular.

Old Garage Becomes Stunning, Tiny House (Video)
A photographer creates a beautiful, airy home from an old, neglected garage.

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