The Old Bookmobile Never Looked Like This

Bookmobiles used to be full of books, but then, so did libraries. Now they serve many public functions, and the bookmobile has evolved as well. In Mexico, it has evolved into a "Mobile Art Library." Productora designed the A47 Mobile Library to encourage "learning and reflection centered on the arts and contemporary visual culture"

Domus explains:
The bookshelves have left their traditional form behind, instead being dismantlable trays floating above the library users, visually crowning the interior space. The free plan becomes a flexible, transparent platform that relates directly with the urban and social context.

The lorry is a forum that can be used as a venue for an endless number of activities: book presentations, film clubs, poetry readings, workshops, as well as the opportunity to consult its bibliographic holdings.

More images at Productora and Domus

The Old Bookmobile Never Looked Like This
This stunning mobile library in Mexico is really a moving stage.

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